Goldenrod 1460-LDX chuck has the same multiple bladder and rubber gripping ledge design as our shafts, with all the same benefits. It is designed with a passing bore for bar or shaft mounting, and depending on its length can have one or two split collars. Model 1460-LDBX is a chuck with a combination of metal Centering ledges and rubber gripping ledges and is recommended for applications where concentricity is a priority.

* High weight, speed, and torque capabilities
* Can be made any length or diameter
* No need to reposition the chuck...cores of various widths can be placed anywhere along its expansion length.
* Maximum centering capability
* Greater expansion height and positive spring retraction of ledges
* Easy 10-minute repair

USAGE: Unwinding or rewinding single or multiple webs. Extremely convenient for cantilevered setups or whenever a full-length adapter is required.

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1460 Adapters
Multiple Bladder Design
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