Light Weight Tissue Core Chuck Non-Expanding - 1490 NX Core Plug

Goldenrod Corporation has introduced a new line of core plugs specifically designed for tissue, tissue converting and nonwovens industry applications. The new 1490NX is an extremely lightweight yet heavy duty core plug designed for the tissue and tissue converting industries. This easy to handle product is constructed of aluminum and designed for use with 10" to 16" and larger ID cores. Goldenrod also offers both pneumatic and mechanical expanding core plugs. "These new core plugs will be most appreciated by the tissue and nonwovens plant personnel in charge of rolls and core maintenance," said David Sullivan, Vice President, Sales at Goldenrod. "Their lightweight design makes them extremely easy to handle and will reduce the risk of back injuries due to heavy lifting." Headquartered in Beacon Falls, CT, Goldenrod offers value-added services that include shaft/reel spool reconditioning, balancing and straightening. Also available is a complete spare parts inventory, and full engineering support services. In addition to its new line of core plugs, Goldenrod offers a complete line of mill duty shafts (reel spools) and shaft pulling equipment; as well as non-expanding and expanding tissue core chucks and manipulating equipment.

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Mill Duty Brochure

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