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Safety Chucks

1. What is a Safety Chuck?

It is a quick coupling used in shafted center wind and center unwind applications.

Safety Chucks do three things:
A. They provide for quick change at the end of a production run (either winding or unwinding). A key benefit of the Safety Chuck is that it provides for less down time during turn around,  making the operation more cost efficient.

B. They provide a means of transmitting torque to the roll that is either winding or unwinding. Torque in the form of a drive on the rewind and torque in the form of a brake on the unwind stand.

C. Safety Chucks also provide for concentricity between the centerline (axis) of the Safety Chuck and the centerline of the roll shaft.  Less eccentricity between the roll shaft and the Safety Chuck means less vibration and wear.

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